Caterwaul Quarterly is a web-based collective which aims to create a forum for engagement with the world from a variety of sharp angles. CQ features critical analysis, reflection, and expression on politics, science, and the arts. By exploring the contours of these divisions CQ stands witness to synthesis, dissonance, and the transformative aspects of human experience.

2010 Edition

2010 Edition


She-goat, Degenerate, Fag
by Evan Abramson
American Pastimes
J. Alan Hamill interviewed by Sara Lafleur-Vetter
Greeley 1989: Not Quite San Francisco
by Javier González
Five paintings by Julia Clift, with commentary
by Julia Clift
The Serbian Sublime
Alexandra Perovic interviewed by Sara Lafleur-Vetter

Politics & Society

“First Bite”: Burger King’s Search for Purity by Aaron Shapiro
Speaking Lies to Power by Daniel Denvir